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Chaos Theory has 20 years of experience in delivering professional events, conferences, and roadshows as well as sponsorship solutions around the African continent and the globe.


from 25 reviews
"The event was lovely and has left a lasting impression on me. Sound, lighting and organization was also incredible. Brent and Mandy kept my attention throughout and I remain a supporter"
- Anonymous
"A wonderful evening with a humble, happy and inspiring young(!) man. You rock Brent! Making SA a better and more positive place, just like DC Coffees. Lovely venue, friendly staff. Great cheesecake."
- Dr Roz
"I left with warmth in my heart & a smile on my face. The event was so well organized, the venue is phenomenal!"
- Kelly
"What do get when you combine a top investigative journalist with a top positivity blogger? An evening to remember filled with laughs, truths and even some dragons. An incredible experience. "
- Carla
"Great evening! Just the aircon was superchilly."
- Tracy

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