Shona Selley


Shona Selley is a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker who is passionate about helping Executives, youth and Businesses to unlock & live their full potential. Most people are just striving to survive when we actually designed to THRIVE
Having spent 27 years in Corporate and leaving at the top of her game as the youngest female General Manager, Shona has always followed her passion of developing people. Shona serves at her local church in a Leadership role, teaches various courses and coaches both aspiring and highly succesful Leaders in not only discovering their greater potential but also in how to Lead others to do the same.
Shona embodies a belief that everyone can find their THRIVE factor which leads to greater personal fulfillment and ultimately better workplaces and significant success in any business.
She speaks at schools, faciliates Corporate training and speaking engagements and coaches groups and individuals.

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