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Welcome to Secret Sunrise

Secret Sunrise is a global silent guided movement and meditation community. With over 16 cities across the world, we're on a mission to celebrate life through musicmovement and connection.

Born under African skies, the global movement Secret Sunrise aims to unite the world through dance and conscious collaboration.

This global family aims to get the world grooving.

Join us in getting up and out of your comfort zone, dancing, connecting and feeling complete freedom and self expression.


from 89 reviews
"The perfect way to start your day!"
- Emily
"Just loved my first Secret Sunrise. What an incredible venue and the music was fantastic. My favourite part was floating in the St James Tidal pool listening to my breathing and the music, I also really loved the genuine happy smiles that we gave eachother throughout the session. Again, Again!"
- Georgie
"It was fantastic as usual! Nikki Jackman is a remarkable facilitator. Please come back to Hermanus soon! "
- Karen
"So moving and healing. Beautiful music, beautiful setting and such medicinal facilitation. Thank you thank you thank you"
- Anonymous

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