GoodTimes Events / New Avenue Foundation


We are an events and promotions company specializing in event creation, planning, management and marketing. Our passion is creating unique immersive events that offer an experience of true value. Utilizing years of experience mixed with a love for music, trends, community and awareness we strive to create truly innovative events that break boundaries and entertain on every level.

GoodTimes Events is an events and promotion agency with specialized experience in event creation, planning, management and marketing.

Producing some of Cape Towns most respected outdoor music festivals, plus involvement in countless international festivals, club events, parties and promotional events for more then a decade has given us a unique and specialised knowledge often called upon by other events and organisations.

Originally focused on outdoor music festivals, built on an ethos of community upliftment and connectivity, we operate from the heart, driven by a passion to create unique, immersive experiences that not only entertain but also enlighten.

Our lifelong dedication to music promotion and events has lead to highly successful relationships with top local and international talent and agencies and we are proud to help expose amazing artists to new audiences.

All of our events are based upon our dedication to upholding only the highest of standards and delivering an experience second-to-none.

No corners are cut when it comes to matters of Safety, Security, Venue handling, Environmental impact and respecting and working with local communities and authorities.

Beyond the jaw-dropping entertainment, we view our events as an amazing opportunity to create a forum for communication, education, community upliftment and artistic expression. We are driven to create experiences that push people beyond their norm and possibly leave them wanting to explore new, more positive, avenues in their lives. Our belief is that events, be they based around; Music, Sport, a Brand, or anything else, should always attempt to promote more then just what is on offer entertainment wise.

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