Scripture Union South Africa


Scripture Union SA has played a key role for more than 100 years in the forward movement of the gospel throughout South Africa and Southern Africa. SU has done this by presenting the message and life of Jesus to young people in a way that is compelling and captivating, using a number of wonderful tools that have enriched this process. SU has also had the privilege of partnering with thousands of local churches, enabling them to play a significant role in their communities by training and empowering leaders through cutting-edge SU resources and tools specifically geared toward a local church on mission.


Because we desire to see young people gripped by the call of the gospel on their lives and equipped to share this message as catalysts of transformation throughout their communities. We also have a passion to empower churches willing to stand in the gap for communities that have lost hope and are simply trying to survive. We believe that the gospel brings change—both to lives and to communities—and that the church has the ability and mandate to step into the broken places of society and bring hope and healing through the power of the gospel.

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