Misty Waters Music Festival



from 69 reviews
"It was amazing! I loved every second! Great set-up, great food, affordable prices on drinks. The bathrooms were so clean I wish I could've tipped the ladies responsible. Would've been great if we could take our coolbags to the stage instead of walking up and down, but besides that, it was great!"
- Anri
"The festival was amazing! For me it's all about the lineup, which was excellent! To hear rock blues and folk the whole festival is what it's all about! See you next year!"
- Cobus Taljaard
"The best rock festival in SA. Very well organised with the best line up"
- Rizwana
"Really well organised Ablutions cleaned 24/7, always spotless Bands were awesome, the vendors did not rip the people off the prices were reasonable"
- Paul
"Wonderful event!"
- Anonymous

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