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EduEx is an NPO (NPO 218-704) founded by Wilene Wiggill, Chrizelle Prinsloo and Caitlyn Jones. Wilene Wiggill is the owner, director and Senior Occupational Therapist of Wilene Wiggill Occupational Therapy Inc. Chrizelle Prinsloo is the owner of Kip McGrath Education Centres Walmer. Kip McGrath provides remedial support and extra lessons in Maths, English and Afrikaans to learners from Grade R to 12. Caitlyn Jones a Registered Counsellor in private practice who runs programmes on social-emotional development and mental wellness and offers one on one counselling to children and adolescents.

After several years of working within the healthcare and educational fields, promoting and ensuring inclusive education as far as possible, the founders of EduEx identified the need to further establish a network of health care professionals, service providers, as well as product suppliers for children with a variety of educational needs and disabilities.

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