Mpho Tshukudu


Mpho Tshukudu is a registered dietitian, pilates instructor and breath work practitioner.  In her practice, she uses food and its nutritional compounds, stress management, sleep and exercise to promote optimal health. 

I believe your weight and wellness issues will resolve themselves when you tryst the wisdom of the ancestors, prepare  your food slowly, and eat it with the people you love.  

Your thoughts, moods and movement contribute to the quality of your life, becasue they affect your hunger, energy leves and sleep quality,  It is your lifestyle that makes your body beautifula dn healhty. Not just your calorie intake.

Mpho co-authored a self-help recipe book Eat Ting, with Anna Trapido.  Eat Ting answers the unaddressed need for South African specific nutritional guidance. Readers will lose weight, gain health and laugh and cry at the inspiring narratives of those who shared their personal stories so that we could create this book.


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