SUP the crossing


SUP the Crossing

The Crossing is a SUP event from Small Bay to Robben Island and back. The distance covered is 15km. The Crossing is more a “social paddle” than a race, and is open to all levels of paddlers, from the best in the world to newcomers. The event has a full safety crew following and supporting paddlers on jet skis and 50 foot catamaran viewing boats. Experienced paddlers help and give tips where they can.

This is the ultimate adventure… an item for the “bucket list” – paddle to the iconic Robben Island. Best conditions are chosen within a window period between Saturday the 22nd February to Sunday the 15th March 2020. All weekend days will be possible days choosing the best weather conditions forecast by the safety officers.

Entries for 2020 will be limited to 100 paddlers. Come join us for this Adventure of a lifetime.

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