Novation Now (Pty) Ltd.


Novation Now (Pty) Ltd specialises in effective training in systematic innovation approaches. But that is enough about us for now.
We are actually more interested in you. If you have come to this page it is because you wish to know more about innovation - and that's great!

if you would like to know more about us please follow us on our web and social media links shown below or better still have a look at our upcoming event links to discover how these workshops will enable you to innovate - 1, 2, 3, Days to Innovator!

Cape Town 3-Day Practical Systematic Innovation Workshop 20, 22, 24 May 2019

Our workshops are designed to take you from being interested in innovation to actually being able to innovate (create and improve) products, services, processes and systems while operating solo or in collaborative teams. We call this 1, 2, 3 Days to innovator! 

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