College of Magic



South African non-profit that transforms young lives through the art of magic by building confidence and developing valuable life and social skills.


Featured in New York Times, Global Mail, CNN, 60 Minutes, Nat Geo and more.


This world-famous non-profit performing arts organisation creates exceptional family entertainment that is of the highest standard and uniquely South African. From Las Vegas, London, Italy; our performers have performed worldwide.


To those who have passed through its halls, the name “College of Magic” conjures up many different things: delight, excitement, happy memories, and even a sense of family and belonging.

The College of Magic is first and foremost a unique place of contemporary education for young people. We believe that every child is different; that every child is creative and has an innate sense of curiosity and wonder. We’ve shaped our curriculum around this ethos, and our staff is dedicated to helping each learner find and develop their unique passions and talents.


It is also a place where youngsters from every walk of life come together; a true reflection of our rainbow nation. They are brought together by the enchanting and multi-faceted art of ‘magic theatre’, where learning is fun, life skills are nurtured, and where little imaginations are set free. All of this is our recipe for captivating, empowering and transforming young lives.


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from 75 reviews
- Anon
"Wonderful fun for all ages -1 to 6 years and adults - we all had a great time."
- Sarah Menhinick
"I brought 4 boys between the ages of 8 and 4 to the show and they loved it! Well done to all the budding young magicians who entertained us and to the adult magician with the wand tricks. I was especially impressed by the obvious coaching in theatrics and confidence that all the magicians displayed alongside their magic skills. The invitation to tour the various rooms after the show was a spectacular addition to the overall experience! The boys loved doing the extra activities and seeing the alternative show performed by younger magicians. It was good to invite helpers up onto the stage and reward them with flicking torches (all 4 boys got one!). The enthusiasm and friendliness that all the students and staff displayed was most infectious. Well done to all!"
- Tom
"Very good!!"
- Vladimir
"Anyone who feels negative about our future needs to know about this wonderful organisation. My first time attending and it will not be my last."
- Bev

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