St Cyprians - Tuck Shop


At St Cyprian's School we use Quicket as the platform for the lunches, giving you several ways to pay as well as to select the coming week’s lunch. 

Bookings will close at 7.30am (bookings not paid for by this time will not be included) on the Monday of the week the orders are for, and refunds are allowed up until 7.30 Monday, thereafter no refunds or transfers to previous weeks.

•  Choose from Meals or Daily Meals, Snacks and Drinks for each day of the coming week – then tap order now

•  Fill in your details and your daughter’s name and surname and select her class. You can only book for one student at a time.

•  Complete your payment details

•  Click on complete order

•  Please note that we not able to customise orders, if there is something in the meal that your daughter does not want or like, please do not order it.

•  We do not take bookings on Public holidays, but it is your responsibility to check your order dates as we cannot refund pre-orders, e.g Sports Day and Outings.

• If Suppliers are experiencing stock shortages for various reasons, if one flavor is not available we will substitute with another.

• In the prep school meals will be delivered to the classroom(grades 1 -2) or the grade station (grade 3-7) , before 2nd Break, High School students collect from the designated area for collections in the Courtyard Cafe.

• Please encourage your daughter to talk to the someone straight away if there is a problem with her order, we can normally solve this straight away.