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In times of global and medial uncertainty many of us are longing and looking for personal exchange, both cultural and political, even more so in a smaller circle and in a private atmosphere. In fact, we know that it is the personal encounter, the direct experience with art and artists, the exchange and substantial conversations with experts which result in the strongest stimuli for everybody.
This is the „salonfestival“: a growing network across Germany of hosts who open their homes for art and culture, for exchange and discussion. All of them understand the „Salon“ as a modern space for experiencing and understanding diversity and for the discourse about urgent topics of our times. It is the joint search for answers to questions about how we as a society want to live together in future? In 22 cities this idea has already been well received. The „salonfestival“ has been running for four years and until today more than 800 salons have been held. All salons are open to the public.
There is a wide choice of formats which make our salons so attractive: Topics around science and the future are being discussed; literature - read by authors and actors - as well as contemporary dance are part of the programme. But also a modern version of house concerts – under the motto music is the guest – are increasingly popular with over 80 concerts a year.
At its core, the „salonfestival“ aims to foster art and culture and to create a platform for artists and their work. But our idea can and wants more. Societal engagement is the foundation which make the salons blossom. It is the numerous hosts who create the salons with their passions and interests. They offer input and finance part of the artists‘ fees.  The festival does not receive any public funding. Running these salons takes a lot of participation and engagement. From all sides. This is how one can take part in life, in our society and in the development of our country. Our goal is a community of engaged citizens.
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