from 219 reviews
"A very very well organized event, every year I think how will you top this one and every time you guys impress. Well done, you will defiantly see me next year "
- Danie
"The way in which we could listen online to all the presentations we wanted, really allowed me to listed to more presentations than I would normally be able to do when attending a congress on site. This virtual way suited me actually the best of all."
- Maryke
"I liked that the event was available to view at any time over the 3 days. Also pleased that they had English subtitles. The content was on point."
- Pumla
"Please will you consider doing more Webinars in the future. It really makes it possible to "attend" without having to leave farming."
- Anneke Erasmus
"Great event, people, food, location and topic discussed. A very needed event in the agriculture sector now. A great turn up of people with influence. Thank you! "
- Anonymous