muse (verb) | ponder, consider, think over/about, reflect on, contemplate

To MUSE (reflect upon) the art of CINEMA.
Cinemuse aims to stimulate the South African public's appreciation for enriching and authentic cinema from all countries around the world. Currently we are only exposed to mainstream American cinema and we believe this has a devastating effect on the development of an authentic South African culture.

As a result of being exposed to enriching and authentic films, from all countries and cultures, we believe that the demand for these films will grow, as well as a desire to discover our own unique style and voice.

We also believe that if our filmmakers endeavor to expose themselves to the filmmaking styles of various cultures, they will begin to discover their own unique voice and be able to contribute to the language of filmmaking worldwide.

Whether you are just a cinema lover or an aspiring filmmaker, let Cinemuse guide you on a journey of discovery.

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