Chantal Jax Justice



The Runway Comedy Club in conjunction with JaxxJustice Comedy has an evening of LOLs planned for you!

Excited to have our stage starved entertainers back in our venues and the citizens of South Africa laughing again.

With great pleasure we bring you chapter 1 of series of funny people consisting of... Your host with more than the most Chantal Jaxx, the human boombox himself Morgan Beatbox and the real olympic champion of funny Q Dube.

Support local comedy we need it more than JZ needed that shower.


from 19 reviews
"Amazing Show as always"
- Ami Lerm
"great interactive and fun show. The raptor room staff was super friendly and accommodating. great evening. thanks."
- Alexandra
"Despite the lead shedding, this was great, and I can't wait for the next one!"
- Pi
"Comedians feed off the energy in the room, so doing something like this with no audience, can't be easy at all. Chantal did excellently. Loved the content, was in stitches, and the perfect start to celebrating my birthday. Thanks Chantal. Quicket, your process is extremely user friendly. thanks"
- Reese

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