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Create subscriptions for your profiles on Quicket and within minutes you'll have a solution
to regularly collect funds from subscribers for your organisation, club, society
or business timeously and without fuss.

Create your subscriptions

Get set up in just a couple quick steps. Provide the profile details for your organisation, brand, company or yourself. Then start adding your subscription options and the benefits, content or services that subscribers can expect from each option.

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Share and collect

Find quick links to your profile subscriptions in your dashboard for easy social sharing to start bringing in subscribers.

Share and collect

Payments and pricing

For each subscription option you create, decide if you want subscribers to pay weekly, monthly or annually, and we'll notify and charge subscribers automatically. We'll pay out any funds owed to you weekly, less our commission and payment gateway fees of just 4.9% ex VAT (which is final and all-inclusive). Subscribers pay a small fee of R3 per subscription payment.

Payouts and pricing

Experience awesome

Want to know more? Request a call from our team for more information on subscriptions.

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