ATK Fortnite Mayhem Solo Customs Tournament

Sun Mar 15, 10:00 - Sun Mar 15, 17:00


ATK is back with another #Fortnite Tournament and this time it's solo customs tournament where some of the best in SA will be going head to head to see who will get the lion's share of the R 6,000 Prize Pool. If you think you have what it takes then sign up for this tournament and put your skills to the test!

This is a LAN and Online based tournament, players will be given the choice to participate from Home or from the ATK Arena at a discounted rate.

Note: In the event of load shedding during the tournament we have backup generators and will be able to run the tournament at half capacity. 

Note : All players must be part of our discord server. (you'll be assigned a specific role before 1st Sunday March 10:00)

Codes for each game will be sent out via the discord just before the game is about to be played.

Event Rules

  • Players buy tickets and submits their Discord name to be added to our Discord channel.
  • Scores submitted via Discord
  • Custom Keys are given to players through Discord.
  • Compensation points for missing the lobby will be awarded based on the average score of the total played games (Compensation points can only be awarded twice)
  • One re-queue per game if more than 4 players are not queued
  • No leaking of the code.
  • No Anonymous player handles
  • No Teaming

Screenshot Rules 

* When submitting your scores take a screenshot ('printscreen' key on your keyboard) or photo (if playing from home on a console) of your placement, points and gamer tag - Submitting photos in #post-scores (Discord).

* Photos must be taken as you die each game and submitted immediately.

* Photos must be legible.

Note: Photo must contain your entire screen.

Tournament Format


Doors open 30 minutes before the event.


Game Schedule

11am - 11:30am Setup and Warm up

11:30am - 12am Game 1

10min Admin

12:10 - 12:40am Game 2

10min Admin

12:50am - 13:20pm Game 3

40min Lunch

14:00pm - 14:30pm Game 4

10min Admin

14:40pm - 15:10pm Game 5

10min Admin

15:20pm - 15:50 Game 6

20min Admin

4:10pm End


Prize Pool: R 6,000


1st prize - R 2,500

2nd prize - R 1,500

3rd prize - R 1,000

4th prize - R 500

5th prize - R 500


Point system for all stages:

  • 1st = 60 points
  • 2nd = 53 points
  • 3rd = 49 points
  • 4th = 47 points
  • 5th = 46 points
  • 6th = 45 points


  • Last Place = 1 point

  • Eliminations = 5 points

Breaching the Rules


If ATK or tournament admins determine you are or may be in breach of any provision of these rules, you or your team may be subject to disciplinary action at ATK’s or the Administrator’s sole discretion, including, without limitation, disqualification, suspension, forfeiture of any and all compensation associated with the tournament, loss of pause time, prohibition from attending future ATK events, suspension of your ATK account.

House Rule

  • No maximum or minimum age limit
  • No eating or drinking at the stations (No Alcohol).
  • No external drink allowed into the Arena.
  • No vaping or smoking indoors.
  • Every ticket holder is responsible for the peripherals at their station.
  • Participants to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times.
  • Clean up your station once your leave
  • Respect other people's property.
  • You may bring your own peripherals.
  • If you play with a controller, you are responsible to bring your own controller.
  • If you are caught cheating at the LAN you will be asked to leave.
  • All entrants in the event while inside ATK Arena give permission for digital media to be recorded which may include photographs
  • All photographic footage recorded during the event is the property of ATK arena
  • ATK reserves the right to utilize any digital media recorded during it's events for its own purposes without requiring permission from the subject
  • Right of admission reserved.
  • Terms and Conditions apply


ATK Fortnite Mayhem Solo Customs Tournament
91 Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708
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