Viva La Baroque

Fri Feb 14, 18:30 - Fri Feb 14, 20:00
The South African Lipizzaners


Viva La Baroque

*Baroque* ~ A style characterised by ornate detail, nobility and grand design.

Imagine a romantic stroll along a 17th century European boulevard..the sights, the wonders! The Lusitano, the Andalusian and the Lipizzaner horse all reflect this period of artistic expression. Bred not only for their astonishing beauty, their athleticism and graceful movement is simply poetic.

For Valentine's Day this year, we are taking our audience on an artistic journey. Enjoy the splendour of the Baroque horse live and in motion. We will be welcoming renowned dressage stars Candice Hobday riding her Andalusian stallion Arco360 Esclavo M and Elena Jankowitz riding the magnificent stallion Bolero to the stage of the Dancing White Stallions at the South African Lipizzaners. 

Date: Friday 14th February 2020

Time: 18h30 for 19h00

Tickets: R200.00 per person or R350.00 per couple

Place: SA Lipizzaner Centre, 1 Dahlia Road, Kyalami

Travel in time with us as we explore and share the romance of the dancing horse!

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Viva La Baroque
The South African Lipizzaners
431 Shetland St, Witpoort (Beaulieu), Midrand, 1684, South Africa
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