Why do small businesses fail? with Collen Lemawane

Tue Aug 6, 19:00 - Tue Aug 6, 20:30
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Join Business Coach, Speaker and International award-winning Facilitator, Jacques Velleman, as he interviews veteran

News Anchor and broadcaster, Collen Lemawane about his new book: Why do small businesses fail?

Collen is a business news anchor on SABC News channel 404. He is also an author of “Why are you broke when there’s so much information about money”. He is a motivational speaker and a program director.

The Managing Director of Emerging Strategies Corporation, is a strategic business communicator, who is a visionary in entrepreneurial development in an emerging economy. He has a passion for innovation and swimming against the tide in small and medium business enterprise development.

He is immensely involved in Strategic Planning, Marketing, Leadership, and is a management team player, in Project Management in a competitive operating environment.

Collen is also skilled in building strategic partnerships and exploring new business avenues, in strategic management, risk management, corporate governance and financial management. Mr. Collen Lemawane hails from Itsoseng near the North West Capital Mahikeng. He completed his Honors Degree in Communication from the North West University.

About the Book

When Collen addressed a couple of business practitioners, he got a slap on my face when he asked the question "Why do small businesses fail?" One of the panelists said small businesses have been failing all along, they come and go, so what is so special about that? 

He did not take kindly to that question because it could imply that we don't have a problem and we don't care while we are watching dreams being shattered and people losing jobs while debtors are left with unpaid bills. He found that question very insensitive. It made him hot under the collar.

Another individual asked him what the use is of 'doing CPR' to a business that is dead and what will the purpose of asking why the business failed be? He found that strange.

If businesses fail and we don't even bother to ask why and where can we fix the problem, then we are complicit in this ongoing failure that may result in job losses and add to poverty and unemployment.

We put our 'heads in the sand' and expect life to go on as if nothing has happened. In asking this question, we dig deeper into historical and present day ramifications of business failure and going into the future we cannot allow this colossal and proverbial mishap to continue unabated. 

All questions What, Who? Where? Why? When? and How? need to be asked at the 'accident scene' so that other businesses that may find themselves in the same path may not suffer the same consequences. 

So he dares to ask the question, why do small business fail and what can be done to save them?


About The Business Book Club:

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The Business Book Club meets every month, where we invite an author to showcase their book and share their knowledge. Through conversations with the author, we grow our leadership capability by understanding how we can change our business environments.

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Why do small businesses fail? with Collen Lemawane
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