The Business Book Club presents: Marnus Broodryk

Tue Apr 2, 19:00 - Tue Apr 2, 20:30


At our April event in Johannesburg, NxtLevel™ Business Coach, Jacques Velleman, interviews Marnus Broodryk on his book entitled 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs.

Marnus is an entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, one of the country’s most celebrated advocates for small business, and the youngest Shark on the M-Net’s Shark Tank South Africa. He has 90 things you need to hear...

While every entrepreneurial journey will be different, the lesson’s remarkably similar. What should I avoid in a partner? What’s stopping me from achieving scale? When should I look for financing (if at all) and how do I approach it? How can I structure my evening to maximise my mornings? What should I do at the different phases of business?

Based on Marnus’ real business experiences, together with chapters from friends and fellow entrepreneurs (all of whom have ‘been there, smashed that and bought the company that made the T-shirts’ - guys like Ryk Neethling, Vinny Lingham, John Sanei and Gil Oved), 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs is your guide to avoiding the pitfalls, as well as seizing the opportunities, your handbook to being an entrepreneur, a millionaire and of course, happy!

90 Rules for Entrepreneurs is the codex of hustle. A book of the lessons that I wish someone had shared with me earlier. Lessons that will help you push harder, keep leaner and leapfrog the successes of ‘those successful guys’.

Oh, look... Another one of those books about ‘rules’. Joy.

Except that this one may be the defining factor that separates your dream from the reality it could be. Many of us have succeeded at being an entrepreneur. Many, many more have failed. Which side of that would you rather be on?

Sure, entrepreneurship is often about breaking the rules. But there are also a number of them that you should follow if you want to survive long enough to see what happens when you do.

A business should be more than just a venture – it should be an adventure! The difference between a successful journey, and a wasted one, is knowing when to do what. That is what this book is about. Not science, but experience. The rules of hustle.

Entrance: A pre-loved book for donation.

About The Business Book Club:

The Business Book Club was founded with the purpose to share knowledge in a business context. Knowledge is the start of change, an inevitable process of business (and life), and one can obtain it through various means. Books are our favourite way and what better than to have a conversation with the author. Sharing knowledge through questions and answers helps us understand how each of us can affect change in a positive way.

At our monthly meetings, we invite an author to showcase their book and share their knowledge. Through conversations with the author, we grow our leadership capability by understanding how we can change our business environments.


The Business Book Club presents: Marnus Broodryk
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