ATK - Fortnite Tournament

Sun Mar 3, 10:00 - Sun Mar 3, 19:00
ATK Arena


Tournament Layout

Sunday (03 March 2019) : 10AM – 7PM

Solo cup – 10AM to 1PM (each player will solo queue)

Tie Breakers – 1PM to 2PM

Lunch break @ 2PM – Prize Giving for Solos

Duo cup – 3PM to 6PM

Tie Breakers – 6PM to 7PM

Prize Giving for Duos

Prize Pool R12,000


1st prize – R3,000

2nd prize – R2,000

3rd prize – R1,000


1st prize – R3,000

2nd prize – R2,000

3rd prize - R1,000

Points system

·        1 point per elimination

·        3 points per Victory Royale

·        3 games will be played by each player and the combined points over the 3 games is the player's final score.

·        The 3 highest scores for each division wins part of the prize pool.

·        If there are ties, there will be a tie breaker.

House Rules

·        No eating or drinking at the stations (No Alcohol).

·        No external food or drink allowed into the Arena.

·        No vaping or smoking indoors.

·        Every ticket holder is responsible for the peripherals at their station.

·        Each player can enter multiple times.

·        Use good judgment.

·        Participants to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times.

·        Clean up after yourselves.

·        Respect other people's property.

·        You may bring your own peripherals.

·        If you play with a controller, you are responsible to bring your own controller.

·        If you are caught cheating at the LAN you will be asked to leave.

·        Right of admission reserved.

·        Terms and Conditions apply


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