CELLUDROID Short Films Vol. 3 (Celludroid Festival)

Sun Aug 10, 18:15 - Sun Aug 10, 20:15
Labia Theatre

NOTE: CELLUDROID Film Festival - www.celludroid.net


Vol. 3
CELLUDROID Short Films cover six hours worth of original, fascinating and innovative shorts from around the world (incl. South African productions) across 3 feature length collections, with everything from outer space, robots, aliens, mind manipulation, alternate realities and futures, to dystopian oppression, genetic modification, animation, fantasy, music, the end of the world, and even a documentary short on an autistic Dutch man drawing Manga cartoons.

Vol. 3 Line-Up:

ON/OFF (amazing award winning space walk short on a par with Gravity)

DIVE (strange blinding mutation causes segregation amoung the population)

EFIMERA (vibrantly odd incident fusing a little girl's ballet audition with gangsters)

3665 (memory collection in an oppressive post-apocalyptic world) 

EL RUIDO DEL MUNDO - Noise Of The World (social commenting animation)

SECOND WIND (a man's small pleasure in an arid, post apocalyptic landscape) 

ILLUSION PAX 1 (fascinating locally made short - its villain present at the screening!)

TALES OF WIZARD (a witch and wizard's battle for a broom - animation) 

INERTIAL LOVE (live action stop animation)

NO PLACE (a man at a gas station's nightly routine turns bizarre) 

Short film line-up at the website - www.celludroid.net

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CELLUDROID Short Films Vol. 3 (Celludroid Festival)
Labia Theatre
68 Orange St, Cape Town 8001, South Africa
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