Clarens Wine Event 2019

Sat Sep 28, 10:00 - Sat Sep 28, 16:00
Ristic Vine


The small town of Clarens is situated at the foothill of its attractive feature, the Maloti Mountain. It offers beautiful natural surroundings of many things, such as another of its famous mountains, the Rooiberge. Pristine dams, rivers and streams that are ideal for fly fishing and the best Trout fishing spots in South Africa (SA) and great grade 3 and 4 water rapids when white water river rafting in the Ash River.

While the town’s great, open space of land, a non-existent luxury in the bigger cities is a chance to be out in the fresh air, participating in the towns favourite sports of Horseback riding or playing Golf. Archery, going on a Hot air balloon ride, 4×4 Trails, Hiking, Abseiling, Mountain biking, Quad riding, the list is endless.

But it was not always like that for this town that’s over 100 years old, as there’s a lot of history that adds to making the town into what it is today. A great variety of fossils from teeth, claws and limb bones indicate that there were prehistoric giants of dinosaurs that roamed in the town before the bush men who were the first people to dwell in the town came into the scene, as evident of Khoisan Hunter gatherers shown on the town’s rock art.

Clarens often referred to as the ‘jewel’ of the Free State, and one such ‘jewel’ is it’s Titanic Rock. The most notable sandstone cliff in the area is situated just 2kms north of Clarens. It’s a huge rock that stands like a sentry to welcome all who visit the village. The uniquely shaped rock forms part of Clarens history as it was named by a resident after the Titanic ship tragically sunk. Due to its remarkable resemblance and being shaped like the bow of the ship.

Echo Wine Events will be joining and making history in the village of Clarens during September 2019 with the R711 Golden Gate Wine Route. The Wine tasting event will include a tasting showcase with more than 20 wineries, breweries and distillers with a range of over 60 products to taste. Our famous Tea tasting will include teas from China, Germany, England, Brazil as well as local teas. We will offer Cognac from Brazil, Sparkling wines from Germany and loads of wines from South Africa. Taste craft products, enjoy the fresh air and meander through history and great fossils.

The Wine tasting will be on Saturday from 10:00 - 16:00 sold online at R120pp and R150 on the day at the event.

The Titanic Breakfast will be served from 08:00 - 11:00 paired with Bubbly from around the globe with a local Farmer's breakfast fit for first class passengers. Breakfast from R120pp

Our Fossil Safari dinner will start at 18:00 - Late with a three course meal paired with wines from three wineries served at three different venues in Clarens. from R450pp

Join us in the jewel of the Free State and let go of city dwelling dust and refresh your senses.

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Clarens Wine Event 2019
Ristic Vine
281 Main St, Clarens, 9707
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