VAMPYR (Makabra Ensemble Live Soundtrack Premiere Performance)

Sat Oct 29, 20:45 - Sat Oct 29, 22:00
Labia Theatre

NOTE: One Show Only (If the on-line tickets are sold out, please call the Labia Theatre on 021 424 5927 to inquire about physical ticket availability)


V A M P Y R  with a live original soundtrack performed by THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE

(If the on-line tickets are sold out, please call the Labia Theatre on 021 424 5927 to inquire about physical ticket availability)

Having created new original soundtracks to classic silent films and performing them live to the screen for a decade, THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE returns to their favourite spot beneath the big screen as an institution of the HorrorFest's all-encompasing Halloween celebration.
The 2016 choice will see the debut of The Makabra Ensemble's new soundtrack of the classic 1932 fim, VAMPYR.  
[see trailer below]

Allan Grey, a student of the occult enters the village of Courtempierre.  It is under the curse of a vampire and he is drawn into a surreal experience as the elements of the evil undead and the victims under its spell unfold.

This visually stunning classic 1932 French-German film is less known than other fan favourites (like Nosferatu or The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari), but is a fantastic landmark film in its own right, and has to be experienced.  It utilizes great camera techniques and atmosphere to tell an intriguing tale of supernatural horror.

The film is enhanced by a new original Makabra Ensemble soundtrack, performed live beneath the big screen.

(One Show Only)

The Makabra Ensemble will breathe new life into this cinematic classic, the live soundtrack composers & performers consist of members from TERMINATRYX / V.O.D  / A MURDER (Sonja Ruppersberg & Paul Blom), LARK (Simon "Fuzzy" Ratcliffe), classical music genius Matthijs Van Dijk, and standing in for Sean Ou Tim (aka Mr. Sakitumi) is Ronnie Belcher (also from TERMINATRYX as well as THE DAMNED CROWS), and special guest Nerine Dorman (A MURDER).
utilise a wide range of instruments, voice and effects giving the film a brand new perspective.

While viewers are encouraged to dress up as their favourite Halloween, movie, TV or literary monsters (or any ghoulish, freaky costumes & make-up) throughout the HorrorFest's duration, this live soundtrack screening is where the best dressed winner will be selected (incl. prizes).
This same evening the night market will also be in full swing outside the theatre (runnign from that afternoon into the night).

Live sound supplied by POINT BLANC Event Technical Solutions

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VAMPYR (Makabra Ensemble Live Soundtrack Premiere Performance)
Labia Theatre
68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa
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