Casper's ongoing plead for House Andries Olivier


Thank you to all for your support with my "Birthday wish" for House Andries Olivier Durbanville Quadriplegic Centre. much gratitude. God bless your kind and concerning hearts Amen.

Through your generosity and kind hearts, I would like to continue raising much-needed funds. any amount will be such a blessing, and enable us to pay our amazing staff each month. I know this is a huge ask in the times we all are in. and likely not be achieved, but every rand would be highly appreciated and will be put to good use. I am personally donating R200.00 each month.

Should you find it in your hearts to be a blessing this 70-year-old man's heart will be so warmed and what a wonderful and awesome blessing it will be God bless your kind and caring hearts Amen

I most humbly request the reader to share my birthday wish far and wide, be a blessing, be kind, remain safe, and I thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I am excited for we have received our first kind-hearted jester you know who you are God bless your kind and caring heart Amen

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