Ivermectin can help end the lockdown.

Launched in January 2021, SAHARI - THJ is the largest Ivermectin campaign group globally. Our campaign is based on science, education, journalism, and human rights advocacy. We work locally and internationally, on the ground and online. While we have achieved progress with our various activities including The Peoples Medicine Campaign, a 50 000+ strong petition, etc, Ivermectin, an award-winning, effective, safe and cheap medicine is still not available freely to our people. The primary reason is because it is not profitable for Big Pharma. The second reason is that governments and health authorities are captured by funding and conflicts of interest. The third reason is a disinformation campaign in some media. But we are not alone. We are part of a global community and we work with and support organisations like EBMC and FLCCC.

Our latest advocacy project is an informative and engaging animation series that tells the story of the campaign to free Ivermectin. The ability of creativity and visuals to convey ideas, messages and information is profound. The beautiful and powerful 40 second animation series promo above is called SET IVY FREE. Written and directed by SAHARI - THJ founder Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, and creatively directed and illustrated by renowned artist and cartoonist Nanda Soobben, the promo has, since its release 2 April, been shared hundreds of times on various platforms, to great international applause and acclaim. It was also broadcast by a popular French media platform.

Our vision is to produce an inspiring and empowering animation series, translated in various languages, which creatively tells the story of Ivermectin, from its amazing discovery, to the global campaign to have Ivermectin rolled out as prevention and treatment. We also highlight the need for people-centered health care globally. The more people know about Ivermectin, the more people can join the campaign and help save lives. We aim to complete an episode a month and combine the series into one film to be watched and shared across our world. If you can help achieve this vision, or know someone who can, please contribute and/or share the link with everyone you know.

NB: All contributors (or your business if you prefer) will be credited in the film, unless you prefer to remain anonymous. If so, please email [email protected]

NB: If you would prefer to EFT instead of making a secure card payment via this Quicket platform, please email our NPC for bank details: [email protected]

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