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School camp venues (who have been empty for a year due to COVID) have come up with a way to continue living their passion outside of school groups by rather teaching individual gap year students leadership and life skills so that they can have a bright and promising future. Each camp venue takes 10 students for 1 month and teaches them all about group camps, team building, camp management, lodge management, hospitality, conservation and even some farming. Students can rotate from one venue to the next for as many months as they like. This will set them up to easily find a job in the outdoor industry, creating a bright and meaningful future for them. Our aim is to get 60 students for April 2021, 10 students at 6 venues all over South Africa.

Camps play a very important part in South African education and are well-known for teaching kids leadership, independence, autonomy, team building and so much more while giving them an outdoor, adventure experience they would never normally get in everyday life. This project will also help the camp venues to keep their doors open (hundreds have closed down already due to the cease in revenue).

We have had so much interest in our program but many students simply can't afford it right now even though our fee is very low in price. Once we have the first month's students going, it will be much easier to get more students and continue the program into more campsites. We plan to continue this program indefinitely, even once school camps start again as it is a great way to uplift students and give them a kick start future.

LEAP gap year program - Leadership, experience and adventure program


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