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My Palm Foundation(MPF) has been working with Strathyre Girls' Home in Kensington, Johannesburg for just under 2 years. The home is a safe haven for girls who live in unfavourable circumstances as determined by the government.

Unfortunately, due to the financial strain some girls were moved to another Salvation Army home in Soweto this month. All the girls have found a new home, except one. This is Abby’s story: (Her name has been altered to protect her identity)

“ I'm Abby - age 19 . Had currently finished grade 12 . I am a very social, outgoing young lady that enjoys sports, baking , reading and helping others. I had applied for sports management in UJ, Boston city campus and UP . I am currently in a bad situation because the home is closing down and I am looking for somewhere to stay. I had originally made arrangements to depend on Nasfas and study straight after the home closes. An opportunity had come up and I had received a host ..She had unfortunately let me down by turning her back on me but I as a child of God I have hope that there will be better opportunities. I would be very grateful if anyone can assist to help me find somewhere to stay . 

I am forever grateful”

Abby is at risk of facing homelessness. Our goal is to find a home/host for Abby. In a meantime we would also like to raise funds towards the following:

  • School equipment (books etc)
  • Food funding
  • Hygiene & Sanitary items
  • Shelter costs


SHEIN is an online shopping platform that is running the #Lightyourwish competition and donating $300000 to charities that support the top 3 wishes. This is where we need You on board ! 

Please sign in via Facebook or your Google account and select MPF' wish. We are trying to get as many wishes as possible

How to get voting:

  1. Go to :
  2. Select our wish : "Support for orphanages"
  3. Repost the wish on social media with the #lightawish2021
  4. Tag us @mypalmfoundation

Thank you in advance!

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