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The WALK FOR BETHEL Fundraiser will run for 21 Days.

Enter the online Walk-A-thon to help us raise funds for this amazing school.

Bethel College has been hit hard by the pandemic and the lock down.

We are happy to announce that they have been pledged assistance resulting in their arrears electricity bill being paid. We are SO THANKFUL for every online contribution and the offline pledges from certain governing bodies.

But, BETHEL is not out of the woods yet. It makes our hearts sad to note that The school is still recovering from the financial losses of the lockdown. Teachers annd staff have not received more than 10% of their salaries (if any) for MONTHS.

Bethel's electricity may be sorted this month, but now we need to consider their water. They have their own Water supply. 1 Borehole.

The Borehole has to service over 40 families, 450 students, a farm, a wellness centre and more.

In a drought prone area like Butterworth, where often there is not enough water, this school now needs at least 2 more Boreholes.

Consider how fortunate you are yo have water, if you've ever lived in a remote area during a drought, you would understand the fear and concern the residents face this summer. But we can help them have a sustainable water supply.

Bethel is a Boarding school with it's own borehole, the residents farm and there is a volunteer Wellness centre.

Unlike other schools, Bethel offers their help in rehabilitating students who suffer from addiction. Many students who are expelled from other institutions find refuge at Bethel's doors.

Once they are healthy they then can rejoin the other students in the dormitories.

Bethel does not ask much for their school fees and many parents have struggled to pay as a result of the lockdown.

Your R150 will be a love gift to Bethel. Follow the Facebook page for updates on the health message and the student's Thanks.

You can send a snapshot of your daily step progress to Jade on whatsapp on +27710112926, we will post a daily leaderboard. Get the Family involved.

You can donate more via Back a Buddy. The link is available on our Facebook Page.

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