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Livingstone tourism academy retraining project is a special Purpose Vehicle incorporated by Designated Group of retrencht employees & rural based youths who have opted to deploy a novel & de-risked funding strategy relying primarily on the Alternative funding option to raise the necessary capital to participate and Bid for the collective ownership of Livingstone tourism academy fractional equity .With their fantastic guide placement,international  hosting programmes being the driving force with financial incentives attached to the project .

The main purpose is to expand the current companies international exchange programme. As the vehicle for creating qualified host families with rich cultural experience to offer to the world unforgettable hospitality regardless of the socio-economic challenges and hosts modest villages. 

Livingstone tourism academy footprint in rural areas and

 & their international involvement with Africans in diaspora 

and company truest african roots is the reason why the academy is becoming a global company of choice for African Americans journey of self knowledge . Mostly about now & where are they going to after  

400 years history of a dehumanized group of people , in summary 40 milion African American untapped market for historical & cultural tourism is here. We're looking into Virtual Reality partners with simplified tourism technology precisely for African American and local host families. .

South african youth need to make use of Virtual tourism opportunities. Tourism used to exclusively benefit few of the country's population . We have over 200k of unemployed african youth ready to be connected to their global counterparts. With gap year students marketing strategy Virtual tourism approach is very key in marketing of guests and hosts.

Find out more about  detailed and direct benefits for investors.

We need R600 000 to train 2000 unemployed with work placement as tour guides and host families


Regards Felix selebalo

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