Ubuntu Wellness Project Fundraiser


Thank you for contributing as we work to provide women and their families wellness support!

We managed to raise funds for 2 cottages at Pineville Junction to provide a retreat space for community upliftment and wellness events. Some services will be free and for donations and others will be well-priced to support the women in business who are offering these services.

Services include:

Yoga & Tai Chi Community Classes


Music & Movement Therapy

Dance Classes for Ladies & Girls

Health Coaching by a Qualified Nurse & Doctor

Mommy & Me Storytime, Art & Sing-a-longs

Doula Care - Pregnancy, Baby & Breastfeeding Support

Mother Support Groups

Teen Support Groups


Mindfullness & Meditation

Interfaith Devotions and Classes

Wellness Products, detoxes, fresh produce and health shots

Outreach farming projects and workshops in under-privileged areas

You can watch your donation transform this space into a place for empowering women and families! Thank you so much for your consideration!

Please follow us on insta: @ubuntuwellnessproject or on fb: ubuntu wellness you can also visit: www.ubuntuwellness.org.za

Thank you so much for your consideration! God bless you!

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