Wheelchair for small town entrepeneur


Anneleen is a 34-year-old entrepreneur in the small town of Mossel Bay, WC. When she was in her early 20’s she was involved in a terrible car accident which left her paralysed from the waist down. She did however not give up on life after this. She is now happily married and has a beautiful 7-year-old daughter with her husband.

Anneleen started her own business by selling the fruits and vegetables that she grows on the small landing they live on. She mostly sells to the spaza shops and roadside stalls in the area. This does not generate a lot of money but enough for her to contribute to the household funds.

Anneleen gets around on her wheelchair, she also has a wheelchair rack on the roof of her car. She drives herself around and also delivers all the produce from the small landing on her own. During the lockdown for COVID-19 her wheelchair broke beyond repair. This makes moving around very difficult for her, she also struggles to take care of her daughter now with her limited mobility.

I have made it my mission to raise enough money to help her buy a new wheelchair that is sturdy and reliable. I have contacted specialists in the area, and one offered to supply us with a wheelchair at cost price. It is a sturdy yet light weight wheelchair as she must be able to pick up the chair on her own.

I know COVID-19 has made life very difficult for everyone and we are all struggling, but I’m asking everyone to open up their hearts and help me give Anneleen back her “legs”. With our help she and her family can also survive this pandemic. Even if it’s just a R10, every little bit helps.

If anyone has any questions about Anneleen, her situation or the wheelchair they are more than welcome to contact me personally. Thank you in advance. 

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