Burning Bush Covid-19 Reopening Fund

We are excited to be reopening our centre on 1 September 2020. But much work needs to be done.

We need to ensure that our centre meets ALL health and safety requirements, not just the Covid-19 protocols.

Unfortunately our roof has reached the end of it's lifespan. We have huge leaks causing damage to our ceilings. We want to offer our children a safe space where they can learn and thrive in a warm and dry environment. We operate from a Church hall and so have a lovely big open space, but the roof is holding us back from being able to renew our registration.

Our vulnerable children are missing out on wholesome meals, our love and care, and we are missing out on their beautiful smiles.

Please help us to reopen a safe environment for our children.

Where your money will be spent:

  • replacing the current roof

Additional information

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