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Jaco Fourie is a 22 year old young man, Jaco was a student teacher at David Brink

Primary School at the time of his accident in 2018. Jaco was passionate about life

and has a great love for his fellow man. Jaco walks his way in faith with his Creator.

Jaco was also a great rugby player.

Jaco performed very well in rugby and athletics at Rustenburg Primary School. He

was in Rustenburg High School where he played for the 1st rugby team from Grade

11 to Grade 12.

Jaco also played Stellaland rugby during his High School career. Jaco was also

invited to the National Bokkie team. After school, he plays for Impala Rugby Club's

first team of which he also plays Gold Cup at the young age of 19, the youngest

player on the team. The Lions as well as the Leopards approached him in 2017. He

played for the Pukke's Young Guns U / 20 Team Varsity Cup at the beginning of


Jaco coached his rugby team at David Brink Primary School with love, care and

dedication. He also coached the 0/15 7's team at Rustenburg High School in 2017

where he taught the boys of faith along with his coaching which he maintained well.

The Rugby boys have so much faith and hope for Jaco's complete recovery and pray

daily in a group after each exercise. The boys at David Brink Primary School still

constantly ask about Mr Jaco's well-being and when he will be back at school.

Jaco were in a car accident on the evening of March 24, 2018

and sustained the following injuries during the accident:

Lung injury, brain injury, right hip fracture and a C2 neck fracture. Jaco was

connected to a ventilator after which he had to get a trachea to accommodate the

ventilator. He had a hip operation 2 weeks after the accident to mobilize the hip and

should get a hip replacement in the near future. He was operated on July 9, 2018 for

his C2 neck fracture. Jaco was treated at Tswane Rehabilitation Center (a

government institution) until 20 February 2019.

Jaco's heartfelt desire was to come home and be with his parents, friends and

community from Rustenburg. Currently his parents need some help with home care

funds. Jaco also needs the help of a physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational

therapist and psychologist.

Jaco's progress has been much better since he has been home and with the help of

his father and a home care provider.

We are also hosting fundraisers to raise funds to help us (his parents) with the

necessary expenses for a home care provider and also the necessary therapy that

he will receive daily for his recovery.

We ask your help. Whatever God puts on your heart and out of love for your fellow

man, to open hands and hearts to realize Jaco's desire and need.

You can also check out his Facebook Page: “Fondsinsameling vir Jaco Fourie”

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