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Dear Public

My name is Leigh Pugin and I am the founder and only member of my company called I am based in Cape Town South Africa.

I offer offline video editing services and have found that over the years the business has not been as sustainable as I anticipated.

I would like to expand my business by offering more than just one service. By expanding the business it will open up more business opportunity.

I would like to offer a full production service where my company can shoot, edit, grade, final mix etc.

Ideally, I would have liked to have saved and paid for this all by myself but the business has been extremely slow due to the Pandemic which means that it is going to take even longer for this dream of mine to happen.

In the past, I have had to hire equipment which has worked out fine but it is not ideal. Let me explain. When hiring the gear it leaves very limited time to get to know the gear. Hiring does not give me time to experiment with different setups e.g.: lighting, audio, framing in advance and develop the skill of shooting.

By owning the gear there are so many benefits. The skillset will improve because there will be more time to experiment with it. I can perform many different setups well in advance before shoots to get the best results. In other words, I can experiment with lighting, camera and audio through practice shoots. By owning the gear it will also create opportunities for documentary films. Where there might not be any budgets but because we have the gear we can go out there & make things happen to get a final product. These documentaries would be marketed at various film festivals and cinemas which would give my business and team great exposure. Without the gear, this isn't possible.

Exposure is what my business needs & with the camera equipment it will allow for this to happen. I would also like to start an apprenticeship for people who have no skills at all in the industry or fresh out of Film School. With myself being an AFDA graduate I still have connections at the institute in order for the apprenticeship to follow through.

I have a team of very talented freelancers waiting to get on board and collaborate on future projects. This opportunity potentially generates new business which means that I can generate jobs for freelancers.

This is the list of gear that I need. The links to the equipment are also added.

The funds will go to camera gear and upgrading the editing equipment.

I would like to thank whoever believes in me and contributes to my cause.

The total is R150 000.00

Camera: R41000.00

Tripod with a bag: R32000.00

Lighting: R20000.00

Portable recording device: R7200.00

VXLR Adapter: R470.00

Professional Lavalier I Mic R650.00

2 x 2TB hard drive at R4700.00 each. On is for the actual jobs and the other is for backup.

R8800.00 As an editor I need an extra screen to view multiple things. I currently have my laptop which is slightly too small.

Mac wireless mouse: R2000.00

Editing Pen: R10 000.00

Thank you for taking the time out to assist me.

Kind Regards


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