Free Educational Virtual Whale Watching Trips


Established in 1996 Ivanhoe Sea Safaris was the South African pioneer for doing the research to promote the code of conduct for non intrusive viewing by boat of Whales, primarily Southern Right Whales. Over the years we have had thousands of visitors across the globe visit our shores to sea these magnificent ocean creatures.


Due to Covid-19 the season this year is almost destroyed and instead of letting the season pass we want to offer this viewing experience to the world via Free Virtual Tours.

Any donations will help sustain the crew retain there precious income and feed their families as well as maintain continuity for our research efforts that is done year on year - Details of Petra Neveceralova research can be found here supported by the Faculty of Science Charles University .

We are ready to launch our Free Virtual Tours once our Covid-19 Lock down period is lifted and we hope to be running virtual trips as soon as July.

Your support will help cover the costs of running the trips so that we can offer an educational Free Viewing experience across the globe.


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