Keeping Old Selbornian Club Going


Old Selbornian Club is situated in East London, South Africa. Originally it was a club formed for past pupils of Selborne College, but in later years was opened to all who wished to join. It has a proud history of sporting achievements and being involved in the local community going back over 60 years.

Sporting codes include: Road running, tennis, rugby, cricket, squash, lawn bowls and table tennis. We are indeed proud of all our sub sections who constantly achieve at local, national and international level.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has meant we've had to close our club completely and we cannot see us being allowed to trade before October or November 2020. Even this, according to some, is optimistic. This presents a huge challenge for us, as members cannot play any sport, but more so, because the club cannot earn an income. Even with the club being in full “lockdown” we still incur costs such as insurance, utilities, security, etc. and these are eating through our cash reserves at an alarming rate.

Furthermore, Old Boys employs 11 members of staff and as a responsible employer, we will not abandon them during this crisis. We have applied for the various types of aid that the state has set up, but, as yet, have met with little success.

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