Mothers day online Magical Smoke Wand workshop

Sat May 9, 11:00 - Sat May 9, 13:00


Join me for this live tutorial on how to make a magical smoke wand. This is the perfect gift to give to your mama since we can't physically spoil our moms with the gift of our presence at this time. But we can still connect online and learn a new craft together. Whether you would like to gift this to your mum or not, this workshop is for all women <3

Smoke medicine can be seen throughout human history as aromatic plants have been used in the daily activities of people from every culture. In Catholicism the use of incense is likened to one's prayer being kindled by fire in the heart, spoken by the lips resulting in the odour of Christ on the breath. In Native American cultures plants that are sacred have been burned in ceremonies and rituals such as cedar, which was burnt during a sweat lodge or vision quest. In Asia sandalwood is burned in temples for healing and purification.

The electromagnetic field (aura) around our body, as well as the energy in our environment, can become blocked with harmful positive ions that can make us feel fatigued, sluggish and burnt out. Burning certain plants neutralises the positive charge and releases large amounts of negative ions into the atmosphere. This means that our own energy, and the energy around us, will feel lighter and freer.

In this tutorial I will be talking a bit about the history of smoke medicine, the benefits of 3 common garden herbs you probably have at home and then we’ll make a smoke wand together.

What you will need for this class

  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • String, twine or cotton thread (the thinner the twine the better)

You will also receive a pdf with the instructions and medicinal properties of each plant discussed.

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