Claremont CAN - Partner Support & Fundraiser

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Covid-19 - Lets Get Involved!

The Claremont CAN needs your support with Fundraising


Welcome to the Claremont CAN fundraising page. The aim is to raise money to support initiatives focused on food security and non medical mask distribution across Claremont and our partner Langa CAN.

So how do you get involved?

Purchase a ticket for a specific project or donate what you can to help the partnership reach its goals.

Ticket A – Open Donation Amount

Allows you to contribute whatever suits your financial situation. These funds will be used across the CANs projects to substitute the mask making and feeding scheme initiatives.

Ticket B – The Masked Avenger R45

Our team is making up cloth masks at super hero speed for the Red Cross Childrens Hospital and our Partner community in Langa. But we need your help with the raw materials.

R50 can make up 10x masks at cost price.

Ticket C – The Hunger Buster R60

We are supporting pop-up kitchens in Langa as well as the Haven and U-turn shelters in Claremont with ingredients and food parcel vouchers depending on the need.

R60 can provide up to 12 meals.

Thank you for your support!


Our goal is to raise urgently needed funds to support our partner suburb Langa CAN with resources, co-learnings and funds where possible. The Langa CAN members are facilitating essential on-the-ground goods delivery to Old Age Homes, disabled residents and child-headed households as well as developing a feeding scheme that intends to service 300 community members.

Claremont CAN is part of the Cape Town Together community which is a rapid community response to COVID-19. The broader collective is made up of people from all over the city coming together to self-organise, take local action, and develop ways to share resources.

The goal of Cape Town Together is to support CANs in neighbourhoods across the city. Each community group or CAN is organised at the neighbourhood level and is also connected to the broader CTT network.

COVID-19 reminds us that we are all connected, that this is a time for solidarity, and that we need to move fast.


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