ATK CSGO Viewing Party & 1v1 Aim

Sat Mar 7, 14:00 - Sat Mar 7, 18:00


How good is your cross-hair placement? Have you got the reaction time of a pro? Come prove yourself in our CSGO 1v1 Tournament and show your support for the new ATK CSGO team making their second appearance on the international circuit at the Asia Minor Middle East Closed Qualifier for ESL One Rio 2020. All 18 years and older ticket holders, get a beer on us. Valid South African ID required.

Asia Minor Middle East Closed Qualifier Event Structure

Day One 5th Feb

UB Ro8 - 18:00 (4 matches playing)

UB Ro4 - 21:00 (2 matches playing)

LB Ro4a - 21:00 (2 matches playing)

Day Two 6th Feb

LB Ro4b - 18:00 (2 matches playing)

UB Ro2 - 21:00 (1 match playing)

Day Three 7th Feb

LB Ro2a - 12:00 (1 match playing)

LB Ro2b - 15:00 (1 match playing)

Grand final - 18:00 (1 match playing, winner qualifies)

Structure of tournament:

Players are allowed to connect their own peripherals.


Start: 14:00 07 March 2020

Double elimination structure: Group stages Bo1 (aim_map only)

Semi final and final matches will be a Bo3 *

Map 1 aim_map

Map 2 aim_redline

Map 3 awp_india

Prize Split (If ATK CSGO qualify for ESL One Rio 2020 the prize pool will be doubled to R6k)

1st R1500

2nd R750

3rd R500

4th R250


ATK CSGO Accounts must be used

Only 144hz refresh rate will be used during the tournament.

You may only use AKs and M4 on these maps. (aim_map, aim_redline)

You may only use a AWP on these maps. (awp_india)

Console commands: e.g sv_cheats 1, noclip are prohibited. 

First player to win 16 rounds wins.

No cheats or exploits are allowed.

Breaching the Rules

If ATK or a Tournament Admin determines that you are or may be in breach of any provision of these rules, you or your team may be subject to disciplinary action at ATK’s or the Administrator’s sole discretion, including, without limitation, disqualification, suspension, forfeiture of any and all compensation associated with the tournament, loss of pause time, prohibition from attending future ATK events, suspension of your ATK account or loss of ATK Account.

*A 1v1 aim tournament is when 2 players in CSGO play on a custom map against each other to see who has the better aim first one to 16 rounds wins the match.


ATK CSGO Viewing Party & 1v1 Aim
91 Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708
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