Seating plans

Draw up your own state of the art seating plan which updates in real time as guests book seats.

Event calendar

Completely configurable scheduling system for event series or events with multiple performances.

Free tickets for free

Want your attendees to simply register for your event for free? Do it for free on Quicket.

Accept donations

Accept donations and set a donation target. Perfect for fund raising and causes.

Issue complimentaries

Issue individual complimentary tickets or upload a list of people to receive complimentaries for free.

Sell merchandise

Full merchandise system for upselling to your ticket buyers while they're buying tickets.

Collect any information

Set up registration for ticket buyers how you want it, and collect any information for your database.

Send out invititations

Invite people to your event with a custom invitation page. Automatically issue tickets to those who accept.

SMS your guests

SMS your guests with important updates or promotions from within your control panel.


Set up a Registration form for potential ticket buyers and screen who gets access to tickets.

Export your database

Download your guest database, complete with order information and custom registration info in multiple formats.


Use webhooks to automatically notify you or update your CRM as soon as tickets are booked.

Secure and fast checkout

Ticket buyers can pay securely by credit card or bank transfer in a single checkout step. No login required.

Upfront access to your funds

With our PayU and PayFast integrations, you can get access to crucial ticketing funds before your event.

Adjustable fees

Choose how you want Quicket's fee to be split. Pay the fee yourself, let your attendees pay it, or split it.

Fraud detection

Quicket's state of the art fraud detection stops all fraudulent payments before they happen.

Free events are free

Perfect for handling registrations, you can run free events entirely for free on Quicket.

Repeat customers

Repeat buyers on Quicket can buy tickets with a single click making checkout a breeze.

Beautiful event pages

Make your own responsive, mobile-friendly event page which shows off your style and brand.

Your own organiser profile

Put all your events under one portal, complete with your design and details.

Customise everything

Design your own tickets completely, edit emails and change wording on your event.

Incredible content

Delight your guests with videos, image galleries, Google maps, line ups or just about any content.

Social media

Link up your Twitter feed, add a hashtag, list your Facebook and link your website to your event.

Sell tickets anywhere

Set up a laptop, tablet or smartphone at your venue and vend tickets directly to the public.

Collect the funds

Use your own point of sale to collect the ticket funds, and still see the reporting on Quicket.

Print tickets or go paperless

Issue physical tickets to customers or simply let Quicket email them.

Sell tickets on Facebook

Embed our ticketing widget into your Facebook page and allow people to buy tickets while staying on Facebook.

Embed ticketing in your website

Fully customise our widget to match your website and sell tickets directly in your website.

Wordpress integration

Have a Wordpress website? Use our Wordpress widget to list all your Quicket events on your website.


Use webhooks to automatically notify you or update your CRM as soon as tickets are booked.

API for developers

Developers can use Quicket's API to extend our ticketing into your system however you see fit.

Incentive system

Create an incentive program which will incentivise your guests to promote your event and track their progress.

Promotion codes

Provide discount codes or access to hidden tickets in conjunction with your campaign to drive more sales.

Share 'n Save

Unique to Quicket, offer an automatic discount to those who reshare your event on Facebook.

Full sharing

Quicket's integration into mainstream social platforms allows your guests to spread the word everywhere.

Event discovery

All publicly visible Quicket events benefit from listing on Quicket, our industry-leading SEO, and advanced search.

Affiliate network

Gain more exposure by being promoted on Quicket's growing affiliate network of websites.

Be discovered through email

Be included in our monthly mailer which is sent to over 50,000 people.

Referral program

Join Quicket's referral program and earn commission on any event sign-ups referred by you.

Mobile scanning app

Check guests in using your Android or iPhone device whether you have connectivity or not.

Sell tickets at the door

Use our door sales app in your browser to record ticket sales at the door, offline or online.

Desktop scanning app

Use Quicket's offline / online browser scanning app with barcode scanners for high volume events.

Complete guestlist

Prefer pen and paper? Download your complete guest list as a spreadsheet - ideal for small events.

Hire Quicket staff

Speak to us about arranging a complete access control and door sales solution for your next big event.

Live reports

Understand your visitor demographics, sales figures and check-in data with our beautiful reports.

Download your database

Download your guest database, complete with order information and custom registration info in multiple formats.

Link campaigns

Create multiple tracking links for your event and see which of your campaigns is performing the best.

Financial statements

Access your event statement and VAT invoices at any time.

Identify event ambassadors

Track incoming clicks and purchases from your incentive system promoters.

Phone and email support

Our account managers can help you and our support staff are here for your attendees.

Comprehensive knowledgebase

A searchable and instructive knowledgebase helps answer questions without the need to contact us.

Refund system

Need to cancel your event? Our system can refund everyone without hassle automatically.

In-house development

The devs are continually developing new features. Let us know what you need and we'll see what we can do.


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