Weekly payouts

We'll pay out all funds owed to you, less our commission & fees, every week.

  Recurring payment plans

Set subscription options to renew weekly, monthly or yearly. We'll automatically notify and charge your subscribers when it's time to renew.

  Customisable subscription options

You decide the price and renewal period for your subscription options, as well as the benefits, content or service that subscribers receive with each option.

  Connect with subscribers

Grow your database by linking your Mailchimp account with your subscriptions profile, or send an SMS to subscribers to get communication out quickly.

  Collect custom data

Collect as much information from your subscribers as you’d like so you can get in touch with them & customise their experience.

  Dedicated support

Call or email our Customer Success team for help at any stage to receive expert, friendly service.


We charge a commission of just 4.9% (ex VAT) to be deducted from your weekly payouts.

Subscribers pay a small transaction fee of R3 per subscription payment.

That's it - no hidden costs and no sign-up fees.

Experience awesome

For more info, request a call from our team to get personalised support in setting up your subscriptions profile.

Or simply click below to try the platform for free & get started straight away.