Belgian Chocolate Treats & Techniques

Sat Mar 14, 10:00 - Sat Mar 21, 17:30
Founder Foods


Do you LOVE chocolate and all things chocolate? Then this is the workshop for you! The wonderful chocolaterie owner, Abby Dalton, will be taking us through the steps of tempering, molding and decorating chocolate. Learn to create mouth-watering treats combining high quality Belgian chocolate and delicious wholefood crunch and dried fruit ingredients for a healthier, decadent chocolate that you might well be able to eat all day long!




Use a choice of dark (dairy free), milk or white chocolate and learn:

  • How to temper chocolate
  • Using Embossing sheets
  • Chocolate decorating techiniques , designs and patterns
  • How to pipe chocolate and use it as a decorative tool
  • All the tips of how to successfully mold and decorate chocolate at home
  • Other uses for chocolate pieces
  • Making your own chocolate bark using your choice of inclusions




Who Is Abby Dalton?

Abby is one of the rare few that has managed to take her choc-o-holic addiction to the next level. Trained at the Internationally Accredited Chocolate Academy in JHB, Abby now owns and runs the Chocofactory in Gillitts. The Chocofactory makes boutique chocolates from rich, high quality Belgian chocolates, for events, corporates or special occasions. She also LOVES to teach and share her passion with others, believing everyone should have the opportunity to experience, and know what goes into, good quality chocolate. In addition to being a local business owner Abby is also a busy mom of 2.




Founder Foods is a dedicated Whole Foods Store based at 2 Village Road in Kloof. This store offers quality whole foods as direct from producers as possible, with as little preservatives or processing as possible. Most of their range is on a pay by weight system allowing customers to scoop, pour and weigh as little or as much as you need. Experiment with new and interesting whole foods and recipes without having to commit to buying large quantities. The range of foods includes a huge variety of ancient grains, dried beans and pulses, baking ingredients, nuts, dried fruits, oils and vinegars, herbs, spices and whole food snacks, as well as an array of pesticide and herbicide free fresh produce sourced from local community farmers in the area. 


The range includes harder to find, grains and pulses, free roaming chicken eggs, premium cream farm milk as well as preservative free live cultures yoghurts, cheeses - a treasure for chefs, foodies, vegans, vegetarians or those with dietary requirements. With whole food recipes on display throughout the store, they aim to inspire the inner foodie within all of us. The store really is an outstanding model of an innovative and modern shopping experience and well worth a visit

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