Beyond The Desire - 4 Pillars of Achievement

Thu Mar 11, 19:00 - Thu Mar 11, 20:00


In this webinar, you will learn the four pillars of personal and business achievements.

It's a promise of worthwhile value and resources to move your life to the next level of achievements.

The essence of life is happiness. And the key to happiness is progress. When you are not achieving and improving, happiness becomes a far lost feeling.

You will learn practical skills and strategies you can use in many arears of your life.

In your lifetime, you have ONLY two choices. To either Soar beyond your story or to settle for the little you have achieved.

And remember that the choice is yours. Your destiny in your very own hands.

What can't you do? You are indeed unlimited. You are capable of achieving even beyond any of your heart desires, but what may be stopping you might be the lack of single skill or strategy to go further in life.

We are here to help you in unravelling those hitches that may be holding you back from achieving your goals in life.

Chibu Okoye, the speaker is a seasoned entrepreneur who has felt the impact of failure but has risen and conquerd his fears of failure. As a speaker, he is poised at inspiring and empowering human lives through effective skills and strategies.

BOOK Your spot for this webinar and discover your truth. That you are born to live a lifetime of achievements.

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