The Neuroscience of Consciousness | Dr Mark Solms

Tue Jun 9, 19:00 - Tue Jun 9, 21:30
The Jagger Lounge



Join Dr Mark Solms, renowned South African psychoanalyst, neuropsychologist and professor of neuropsychology at the University of Cape Town, as we seek to unravel the mysteries of the conscious mind.

The ‘Hard Problem’ of consciousness is widely considered to be one of the most complex conundrums in modern science. Solms will share his understanding of the phenomena of the conscious mind, dissecting the debate on how the brain navigates conscious and subconscious experience. Solms has gained international recognition for his discoveries in brain mechanisms and his unique use of psychoanalytic methods in contemporary neuroscience. 

This talk will describe the ‘Hard Problem’, explain why an explanation may lie beyond the boundaries of conventional science, and outline a new approach toward long-awaited understanding. We will conclude with the ever-relevant question: Will it ever be possible to engineer artificial consciousness?

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