Alignment: Connecting with Mind, Body and Soul

Sat Apr 4, 09:00 - Sat Apr 4, 11:00
Fanatix Studio


Hurt that takes time to heal. Forgiveness as well takes time to give. We have Bitterness & resentment we carry from our childhood rejections, emotional neglect, abandonment, abuse, sorrow, inferiority complexes, despair and hopelessness. We often bury our situations and pretend we are okay. How many of us can afford to see a psychologist once a week? We all pray that a miracle will happen but for many it comes in the form of a heart attack, or cancer or diabetes or chronic illness or addiction or depression. It is time we take care of our well-being and heal through meditation and Yoga.


Alignment: Connecting with Mind, Body and Soul
Fanatix Studio
1020 Shirley Rd, Eldoraigne, Centurion, 0157
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