Sourdough Workshop with Rob & Alice

Sun Sep 20, 09:00 - Sun Sep 20, 17:00


Join the Fermented Community's Sourdough Workshop with Rob and Alice

Who are we?

Rob Cass and Alice Walsh are avid home bakers. We began our journey into proper bread baking about 2 years ago and have been baking feverishly ever since. We are passionate about sourdough baking and are excited to share its magic and show just how easy it is to bake your own great bread at home.

What you can expect

The course will be hosted at our house in Auckland Park. Each attendee will get to go through each step of the baking process, get a tactile experience of each step, and end with a shaped dough that will be ready to bake at home. A light lunch of sourdough, charcuterie and cheeses will be served. Tea, coffee and Juice will be available. Feel free to bring any other drinks you may want. This course is for those wanting to get started with home baking and will give you a full overview of sourdough baking as well as tips and tricks for baking great bread at home. Each attendee will get a sourdough baking cheat sheet detailing the baking process, a basic recipe and sourdough culture maintenance.

NOTE: Please bring a colander and piece of linen cloth to line the colander. This will be used to hold your dough for the final proof before you bake at home. If you have a banneton you can bring it.

Course Outline

What is sourdough?

How is sourdough different from other baking (yeasted dough)?

The sourdough baking process 

  • Weighing 
  • Mixing 
  • Autolyse 
  • Bulk fermentation
  • Stretch and folds 
  • Preshaping 
  • Shaping 
  • Second proof 
  • Scoring 
  • Baking 
  • Resting 

Getting the best bread from your domestic oven 

Starter care and maintenance

Additional information

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