Sourdough Workshop - with Karl's Bakehouse

Sun Sep 20, 09:00 - Sun Sep 20, 17:00
Karl's Bakehouse - Table View


Join the Fermented Community's Sourdough Workshop with Karl's Bakehouse

Who is Karl?

Karl Tessendorf is a writer, recipe developer, baker and one half of the brand, Beer Country (@BeerCountrySA). He fell in love with bread baking 4 years ago and he’s been baking almost every week since. 

What you can expect:

Guests will arrive at Karl’s house in Table View for a full day of sourdough baking. Guests will work in teams of 2 over the course of the day and each team will produce two loaves of sourdough bread that they can take home. A light lunch of sourdough, charcuterie and cheeses will be served. The workshop will take place outdoors (weather permitting) and the bread will be baked in 2 dedicated ovens. The course is geared towards the home baker and is packed with valuable tips and tricks learnt through years of trial and error. 

Course content:

What is sourdough?

Why sourdough is good for you

Flour types 

Starter care and maintenance routine 

The sourdough process 

  • Weighing 
  • Mixing 
  • Autolyse 
  • Bulk fermentation
  • Stretch and folds 
  • Preshaping 
  • Shaping 
  • Second proof 
  • Scoring 
  • Baking 
  • Resting 

Getting the best bread from your domestic oven 

Tips and tricks learnt from years of mistakes 

Each guest will leave with a sourdough pack complete with a recipe, general sourdough information, preferred flour suppliers and information resources. 

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