Joburg | Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer | Dr Pistorius

Tue Jun 16, 19:00 - Tue Jun 16, 21:30
The Foxwood Theatre



The Fruitcake Society is on a mission to bring you genius ideas, mad theories & controversial subjects, we want to create thought provoking events by inspiring individuals that make you think a little differently, question everything & never blindly follow.

Join the fruitcake Society at The Foxwood Theatre on the 17th March for a gripping talk as we delve into the depths of the most dark & devious minds with acclaimed South African forensic, investigative psychologist and author Micki Pistorius, profiler of the station strangler & other South African serial killers.

After a decade of chilling first-hand research, Dr Pistorius has gained spectacular insight into the inner-workings and motivations of people who are driven to kill. The talk will explore the psycho-sexual developmental phase of childhood and its link to homicidal tendencies in adulthood. Using real-world references from some of the nation’s most notorious cases, Dr Pistorius will provide you with an understanding of how innocence turns to depravity, how good can succumb to unthinkable evil. 

The age-old debate of nature versus nurture will also be tackled. Are killers a product of their environment? Or does the capacity to kill live within them from birth? For a macabre and fascinating journey into the crime scene and beyond, join us. 

Dr Pistorius joined the South African Police Service (SAPS) in 1994, where she founded and headed the Investigative Psychology Unit with a rank equivalent to full colonel. By 2000, she had trained hundreds of detectives globally to investigate serial killers.

She was involved in more than thirty serial killer cases while at SAPS. Among the people whose cases she worked on are Norman Afzal Simons, Moses Sithole, David Selepe, Stewart Wilken, Sipho Thwala, Velaphi Nadlangamandla, Cedric Maake, and David Mmbengwa.

She wrote her autobiography Catch me a killer,(an international best seller) Profiling Serial Killers and other crimes in South AfricaFatal Females & Strangers on the street. All are Penguin publications and available on amazon. Currently she consults for several international government agencies, conducts training for corporate companies, schools and agencies and testifies as an expert in court cases.

Pistorius is recognised as one of the world's foremost psychological profilers, by people such as FBI profiler Robert Ressler.

*Warning: Extreme graphics may upset sensitive viewers,

*No persons under 18.

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Joburg | Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer | Dr Pistorius
The Foxwood Theatre
13 5th St, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198
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